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The game wasn't that bad and it actually scared me couple of times.

Was a very fun game and well done! Loved the darkness and scariness of the environment and the fear of not knowing what's in front of the player.

The only way I would suggest improving the game would be to make navigation easier by maybe giving a map at the start or adding more landmarks to know where one was. I memorised where each place was with the camp in mind rather than using the paths with the logs which I think was the itention.

Other than that, I think it was a very fun game and the story told was pretty good! Great job on the game and good luck for future ones!

Thanks for feedback!

I am the greatest detective.


Enjoyable game, but I wasnt able to get both endings due to the game freezing when picking up the gun.

Thanks for review!

I had some trouble interacting with items a few times and I think the game crashed once when I tried to grab the revolver... but other than that it was great. I agree with the other sentiments here about adding music or sounds for the killer.


Thanks for making it

Let me start by saying that I thought this was a very solid horror game with a nice retro feel that has a true ending that will throw the player off! Love the detail to multiple endings. However, I feel like this would've been more effective if there was some slight music when he's chasing you. Maybe some sound effects when he's slaughtering. Other than that, I enjoyed this quite a bit!

Thanks you for review)

This was pretty solid. Managed to get all the endings. Made a video on it.



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Really love the game ! Graphics definitely help set the mood to the creepy woods


All Endings above ^^

so i enjoyed this i thought the visuals of the game looked really cool and and texture wise was one of my favourite games, i liked the map size although i dont think it was all used enough considering the game is called sawmill slaugher very little of it had to do with the actual sawmill, i liked that there was multiple endings and that you tried to implement a decent amount of lore into the game, feedback wise the biggest thing wrong with this game is the butcher i think it needs alot of work, he just came out of no where no warning no indication that i was being chased just got stabbed, i think that he is too fast and despite if you get far enough away from him he still cases you regardless this made it very difficult to explore and look around the area, i think that if your being hunted by him that you should add some chase music or something to indicate that you are being chased, i think that you should also add a feature were you can actually hide from him so it would make it easier to visit the locations and it would also add tension to the game, i also think adding some jumpscares would be pretty cool, for instance when you get to the house with the wanted poster a cool jumpscare would be to pick up the wanted poster and as you put it down you see the killer outside the window, just small things like that can really add to the game, also you should add something that shows he is taking damage when you shoot him, like a grunt or somthing, as didnt know if he was taking damage for a while when i was shooting him, all in all i did really enjoy this and i think if there was more work on the butcher this would be a fantastic short horror, i hope this helped, gameplay above hope you enjoy 

Thank you very much for the detailed review!!!

Well done, keep it up!


No-commentary playthrough:

A nice and quick chase horror. I'd just suggest that you make the key on the table stand out a bit more, because it's pretty easy to miss. Also, the killer doesn't seem to be able to enter the sheriff's house, which makes him look like a bit of a dumbass. 

Good work though! I'll be following to see what you do next!


Thanks for feedback!

You're welcome!

i had a blast playing sawmill slaughter 


wow loving this game great work :):):):)


other cool scary ;D