A downloadable Horror Game

Shop Shift

This game is about a young girl Jasie, who got a job in convenience store, she didn't know that she had a fan.



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TagsHorror, PSX (PlayStation)


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The amount of time i had to wait to end the game is deadly,otherwise good game i will say

(6:08 - 8:36)

This creepy guy been harassing my friend!? aa

Game had me paranoid. Overall good game hope to see a Shop shift 2 :)

Esta muy bien pero aunque entiendo que esos 3 minutos son para crear tensión creo que no funciona bien si no ocurre absolutamente nada o no tienes nada que hacer mientras esperas. Aún así buen trabajo, lo he disfrutado ^^


just like the other game. it feels so rushed and unfinished. I didnt feel like I was having fun at all. Plus it rips off the night shift from puppet combo :/


Thanks for feedback!

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(Start at 17:48-24:15) I got a new job, but for some reason, there was this weird vibe. I think it was because of this creep that kept sniffing me. The worst part is he only bought gum. GG!!!

Was a fun game! Liked the look and sound of the game and it was overall not bad!

Only thing I found strange was the time where the player just did.. Nothing? Nothing happened in that time either. But it was still pretty neat towards the end, fun little game!

Great short game with that creep factor loved it!!

This was fun, a little short, but still fun! Didn't expect that big chill at the end though! I liked that! Good job! 

YO STEELFENCE_GAMES! This was a fun and creepy game, nice stuff!!


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So i played both your most recent games i really enjoyed this was it was short and simple i didnt really understand the timer breaks like the first minute made sense i suppose but when our shift ended and having to wait 3 minutes before leaving and nothing happening it was a little strange but i loved everything else the dude was really fun to portray with the dialog and the game was short but straight to the point which i enjoyed! gameplay above along with fleshthirsty bus steelfences other new game hope you enjoy 

Thanks for feedback)))

Great game. very phobic and the ending was true horror. I liked the customers and immediately got bad vibes from the nutty one. Dialogue was realistic, making him creepier. Enjoyed, thanks :)


felt uneasy at the end good job!! 


Hello, I played this game and it was alright, could use some scares (although I appreciate there weren't any cheap jumpscares) but something to add up to the atmosphere, because when you get 1 and 3 minutes countdown there's nothing to do, so some more interactivity would be neat :)



Wish there was stuff to do during breaks and game was very short. Other than that the stranger was creepy! Nice

Thanks for review!

No problem! Im looking forward to more games 😊

Game has a nice creep factor to it. Though I would have the player do something during those countdowns. Nice job on the game.

Here's my channel for other games I have played. https://www.youtube.com/@Levont

Thanks for review)

Short but pretty good, would have wanted more from the tension and buildup but for what it had, got me tense enough lol, very nice!


I hope you update this with more content. This is something that can happen and its scary


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Comments below clip:

The one thing I hate in real life, is sitting around doing nothing. I'm always doing something. So, the break [in the game] was something like, "What's this?!" but the 3 minutes doing absolutely fvck all [toward the end], destroyed whatever fun I had playing this game. I don't know what you were thinking [and you're the DEV], but I can't recommend to anyone to play this game. Sorry about that, but still, thank you for making it.

Thank you!

Cool lil' horror game. I really enjoyed the faces on the customers. Could maybe do without the 3 min wait tho. Game starts at 5:37 


Hello I'm a unity dev with 2k subs on YouTube and i was wondering if you want a experience person helping for the game as i can help alot if not no worries thank you Code.

discord : Code#3030

Thank you for the offer of help! I'm very pleased, but  i have no problem with the code. Thanks again)))

Thank for this game !

Thanks for review)))

For how short it was it wasn't bad at all.
(It's the first game of the video)


Very unsettling, but the long waits in between customers really kills the mood. 


Nice game. Love the minimalistic graphics style but the time between events was too long, anyway it was fun experience!



This was a fun game to play! My only suggestion would be to have either events or tasks to do during the timed breaks - that would give the player somethign to do other than wait around the environment. Otherwise, it was a fun scary short game! Thank you for sharing it!

I played this for my YouTube channel, if you'd like to check it out in another tab then you can follow this link!

Thanks! I will definitely check)

I liked the game, however I wish there was more shifts, making the creepy guy more ominous and creepy each shift. Other than that, I enjoyed the game! ❤️

Stay safe and be responsible! ❤️




One of those scary because it is real games, nice! Also, why is everyone screaming...

Thanks for review!

Thanks for making it!

Good game!





love your game thank you :):):):):):):):)

Thank you))))))))

A little short, but overall a great game ;)


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Nice concept but definitely had some rough edges. I know other people already mentioned  the timers, but that would be my main complaint. I think they'd be fine if you had some tasks to do during them. Otherwise there was  just a lot of nothing to do. Still a nice job. Game #2

I will take into account. Thanks for review!

The concept was interesting, though I thought there were some really questionable choices like the timer and not having any tasks. Overall, a decent experience that needs some work.


Great game! Played here :)



Short but not bad, should have added some task to do during that 3-minute wait period, have to go with @superdivorce 's suggestion. Made a video on it.


Thanks, i will take into account)

Can't believe you had me stand around for 3 whole minutes, well played


wish I could change the ending with some action inside the store, thats why I repeat the game once

Thanks for review)

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